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LimitlessX (All registered trademarks; and all subsidiaries) have adopted what will be known as our “Game Plan”. This is now not only our roadmap but our foundational corporate strategy to accelerate into a larger, faster growing, more global and more profitable company.

When we start to explore our Game Plan and we add the word GROWTH to it we end up with the strategic guidelines to our success and the outline for stability our distributors are looking for. By encompassing our new fields of play we rapidly become a company which can and will make sharper decisions, acquisitions, and portfolio choices, which in turn strengthens capabilities within our new organizational model. By aligning our divisions and services portfolio around new fields of play (however based on our foundation of precious metals and financial services), we end up focusing on very clear and strong sales channels to develop through consumer brands married with professional brands.  Our consumer brands will be marketed through many mediums and sold directly to consumers, while some of our new up and coming core brands will be focused on professional brands and will be marketed and sold not only to end users (such as consumers and licensed agents), but also sub-license purchasers and global territory distributors.

Our core competencies within our businesses will further be segmented into additional brand portfolio roles: Win Customer Loyalty At All Cost, Win Growth Ahead of the Competition and Incubate Growth Where It Isn’t Expected.  This enables our divisional president to make the most efficient choices for allocating resources behind brand awareness and investment. Our ultimate goal is not to simply create divisions that are wholly owned but turn each division into a BRAND!

Win Customer Loyalty At All Cost Businesses are rapidly going to become the footprint of our company and will be the major drivers of company growth and focus on emerging market expansion.  These will include our newly formed direct to consumer initiatives and product segments. These divisions will be led by top industry executives (introduced shortly) with proven track records of success and quantifiable results totalling billions in consumer sales, and will set the stage for a new brand focused company for years to come through focused business segments.  

Win Growth Ahead of the Competition Businesses are and always will be expected to grow ahead of their categories by staying one step ahead of the competition, but remain focused on their home markets. The mentality here is to be a trend leader not a follower by making wise and educated resource investments and acquire the right companies. By focusing on an internal cross marketing mindset we will always be able to create growth simply by satisfying the internal needs of our own divisions/brands. Beating the competitors at their own game and learn from their mistakes will feed into this style of business growth.

Incubate Growth Where It Isn’t Expected Businesses receive the nurturing they need to develop into compelling growth platforms.  These will mainly be start up style brands that will provide massive revenue opportunities or proprietary technology opportunities ultimately providing shareholder value. By constantly looking for no traditional revenue streams we can turn over growth initiatives that others will simply overlook or shy away from.

 By mastering these portfolio choices and then searching beyond the norm, our Game Plan further aligns the organization around numerous unexplored Ways to Win:


Achieve Trust Through Loyalty

by staying true to the message we deliver to not only our shareholders by our customers, our executives, our team and ourselves. By achieving this all else will fall into place through hard work and focus.

Create and make our brands really matter

by delivering products through cutting edge technologies, manufacturing and distribution ultimately obtaining superior performance, design and innovation

Create an execution powerhouse

that develops more valuable partnerships with our customers, suppliers and team.

Uncover previously unknown capacities for growth

by identifying unproductive costs and converting them into energy for increased innovation, marketing and selling activities.

Develop the team for growth

through our POCLD model and by attracting, retaining and developing the diverse talent base needed to achieve our global growth goals.

Extend beyond our borders

to accelerate our expansion into fields not previously explored, untapped markets through innovation and ultimately staying true to our 'think outside the box' mentality thereby creating the highest potential growth markets. 

By driving the Game Plan into action through our focused and driven corporate model we will have learnt from the past and therefore the company will develop a brand-led strategy, a commitment to superior products and differentiated high-impact innovation, supported by an executional powerhouse on the ground that will rapidly expand into countries around the world. 

How To Continue Growth
By mastering these portfolio choices and then searching beyond the norm, our Game Plan further aligns the organization around numerous unexplored Ways to Win:
  • Achieve trust through Loyalty
  • Create and make our brands really matter
  • Create an execution powerhouse
  • Develop the team for growth
  • Uncover previously unknown capacities for growth
  • Extend beyond our borders
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