The Portfolio Bonus is a combined override bonus that each paid member can earn off of the dollar volume that their team has placed within the trade accounts. Each time someone you personally refers opens a trade account you can earn a Portfolio Bonus. This bonus will accumulative against all the trade dollars your team has in their trade accounts. So for example if you have personally enrolled 1 paid participant at any level on a MTSS payment then you would earn 1% monthly off not only their paid participants account principal balances but also those paid participants paid participants balances (provided the total portfolio exceeds $5,000).The more people enrolled and that you personally enroll your portfolio will increase up to a maximum of 5% monthly. All the generations will be added together and shown in your back office. NOTE: this is only off the principal amount of each trade account, and you must have a personal trade account balance of $500 minimum to earn this bonus.


All commissions are paid on a 7 day delay, and will be calculated on each Wednesday of the week. This allows the company to actually receive the funds from all credit card processing companies and any other processing sources. Each Wednesday the commissions for the previous week (Monday – Sunday 11:59 PST) will be calculated and verified. They will then be posted into the participants back offices on Friday and paid on the Monday.All ForEx Trade accounts function on a 14 day cancellation process. As LIMITLESSX deals with third party trade companies and insurance companies upon a formal request for cancellation of a trade account funds and documents will be forwarded directly from the trade company within 14 days. Any chargebacks whatsoever on a credit card results immediately in all closure of trade accounts and forfeiture of any and all unpaid interest or earnings.

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